Special products

Beverage industry

High purity activated carbon for purifying technological water. They meet FCC requirements and have excellent wear resistance and low dust levels. Effective chlorine removal and removal of THM and other organic substances.


Food Production

Special macroporous activated carbon products are used to color foods such as sugar, wine, beer, edible oils and fruit juices.


Food Colorants (E153)

Complies with E153 (Plant Carbon) requirements for applications in which activated charcoal can be used as a colorant for food such as bakery and dairy product.



Developed COSMOS certified activated carbon powders for use in skin care and cosmetics.


Medical and Pharmaceutical uses

High purity coconut shell activated carbon is used as food supplements for human consumption as well as for the manufacture of medicines. These products meet the highest requirements of the FCC and the US and European Pharmacopoeia.


Tooth whitening

We offer special activated carbon products for use in whitening and dental products. These products’ purity, particle size and other properties can be tailormade for every application.

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